2014.2.22LAJMF at Redshoes

2-22 69tribe

69★TRIBE ~ロック族~ #084 Date: 2014.2.22(sat) Place: 南青山Redshoes Open: 20:00 All Night!! Free!! No Charge!! Act: <69★BAND> YOU-DIE!!!&ザ・リーゼンツ LAJMF BUGY CRAXONE ザ☆ダンス天国 REWARD ねたのよい なのないうみアコースティックバージョン <69★SELECTERS> HIROMUX(GIMME SHELTER) KAWATO(ROLLER KING) 林拓一郎 SHINJI(PIA) Ace of spade(Love Rock Night) <69★GUEST DJ> DJ MACKY RAMONE <69★ACCESSORY> 加藤工務店 LAJMF are: 戀 : Vocal Reds☆(from AURA/WanganSheep) : Guitar Kyassy the sexy(from JESSY) : Guitar Takahiro(from RE:VIBE) : Bass KoREDS(from AURA/HeavensDust) :


2014.1.5BANDWAGON in AURA Fes.

AURA Fes. 2014 Date: 2014.1.5(sun) Place: 目黒 LIVE STATION Open: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Adv ¥2000 Door ¥2500 (+Drink) Act: AURA/HeavensDust/川上次郎/JESSY/ゆきちかバンド/KoREDS&Kyassy/BANDWAGON BANDWAGON are: Reds☆(from AURA/WanganSheep) : Guitar&Vocal Takahiro(from RE:VIBE) : Bass SugarYoung : Guitar Ryosuke :